What is our American country like to the people of the world?


What is our American country like to the people of the world?

I think America is a dream for every country in the world. Because the people of this country are as friendly and beautiful and their manners are also much nicer. Even the beauty of this country is the best in almost every country. 

Below are some quotes that will help you understand what people want to know about American cities and what they know. Hope you will know the diversity of American cities after reading our entire discussion.

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Brush your teeth well before landing in America. Because you may have oriental germs in your teeth. Check the time of the watch. Because everything in America runs on clocks. There is oriental dust on the soles of your shoes. Wipe them carefully with a napkin. Don't make America dirty. Now get ready. Fasten the seatbelt. Put out the cigarette. And in a few minutes we are landing at Kennedy Airport.

I should have known this. Before long I'm brushing my teeth, adjusting my watch and shining my shoes. An elderly Tibetan woman sitting next to me mumbled in broken Hindi and told me, I have no teeth, no wristwatch, no handkerchief! i survived What is that place that looks like a forest below, tall trees but no branches?

hush-hush I mumble, that's New York.

New York! The old woman raised her eyes and said, but I can't see the carpet, tell me why! My son wrote from New York that all of America is wrapped in one big carpet.

I heard too.

have you heard Let's save. The old woman mumbled and began to clean her belly.

The plane landed. stopped Opening the door, the hostess said, Easterners, the door of heaven is open in front of you. Everything here is infinite. Dollars, girls, foreign goods, go loot for a few days. To you Europeans, America is not a paradise, but a pasture of wonder. Go and discover this second homeland again and again. Americans, you have nothing new to say about America. This is the hell to which you must return to die.

i got off And I got excited. As soon as I stepped in America, America took me in its arms. He said lovingly, "My son, you have grown up in the dirt and mud on the way to the poor house." I did not see good things with my eyes, I did not touch my tongue, I did not enjoy. Come, enjoy yourself for a few days.

Tears came to my eyes in gratitude. I secretly wiped my tears with a handkerchief.

Crying in America. But everything I heard about America was true. The country is covered in expensive carpets. Some grass and some concrete on that carpet. The sky here has been made a little more blue with the help of an advanced technology. The Eastern newspapers are right, America's gravitational force is somewhat less. You can walk freely, it does not hurt. The oxygen content in the air here is also high. Drinking water is sterilized and vitaminized.

Entering a room of one hundred and seventy floors of a hotel with a height of one hundred and eighty floors, I saw a man sitting on a helicopter and cleaning the windows of my room with a vacuum cleaner! Excellent arrangement inside the house too. Color TV, fridge, royal bed and beautiful lady are all ready! Just waiting to be used.

Picking up the phone, I wanted to talk to the president. A little later, the voice of the US President was heard on the phone, loud and happy, say, friend, say!

I am an Indian tourist, Hon'ble President. Indian! Indian! The President took a moment to reminisce. Then he said in a loud voice, Oh! India! Yes-yes, I know. India is the second or third largest democracy in the world. There is the Taj Mahal. right?

Yes, Honorable President. Welcome Indian tourist. Our country has always treated Indian tourists with respect. In fact we treat people of all countries with respect, even though many of them do not deserve real respect.

America is a great country, Mr. President. Thanks Indian tourist, are you having any problem?  Honorable President The rooms of this hotel have everything from color TVs to beautiful women.

excellent You must know the use of those things. I have heard that trains run in India and airplanes land here and there. Delhi also has telephones I know. There is no doubt that India has made great progress in the last few years.

Thank you Mr. President. I heard that all of America is covered in carpet. Dear President, no other country has such a great achievement.

Thanks, Indian tourist. We are just trying to make the country as beautiful as possible. I will be happy if you like it.

Dear President, I am not only here for tourism. I am also here to inquire about two dead American citizens. One is Sonny Liston, and the other is William Holden.

Who are they?

Both are world famous people. The president said very modestly, most of the American citizens are world famous people. It is difficult to remember them all. But you can inquire about any living or dead American. There are no obstacles.

Thank you Mr. President. Have a pleasant trip Indian tourist. I left the phone and went to the window. The man sitting in the helicopter is cleaning the sarsi with undivided attention. A half-burnt cigarette hangs from his lips.

I opened a window and said, good evening. good evening I am an Indian tourist. Indian? We drove the Indians away.I am not a Red Indian. very good Being a Red Indian is not about work.

Your country is very nice.

It should be applied. I also heard that America is a very good country.

What can you say about the characteristics of this country?

I can Here is the fair glass sharsi. You will not find this much Sharsi in any other country. I clean about two to three thousand sharsis a day.

So your income is good?

say what Millionaires are now considered poor in this country. If you were to shoot down the street from this window, most of the people who would die would be millionaires, billionaires or trillionaires. My income is two to three show dollars a day. It should be taken from morning till evening. I have been wanting to sell the old helicopter and buy a new model for a long time, but I have not been able to. But luckily Sharsi is growing here. will increase.

What is there in America other than glass shelves?

There are many things. Niagara Falls, Disneyland, Statue of Liberty.

have you seen

saw But that is for tourists. If you want to discover the real America, buy a helicopter like me and get on it. Take up the task of cleaning glass frames. Then you will see the chest and buttocks of the real America being exposed in front of you.

How is that possible?

Glass is a transparent material and not all rooms are curtained. If you keep your eyes on Sharsi, you will see the different form of America from house to house.

thank you I close the window.

The girl of the house was dressing herself in front of the mirror. She is very beautiful. Tall, healthy. What can I say about fair color!

After I closed the window, he looked at me and said, Indian tourist, what are your preconceived notions about women?

Not very clear. Well, what do you think of the Negroes in your country?

Not very clear. But I heard they are very naughty. Beating, raping.

do? I roll my eyes.

Yeah, I don't like the rap thing at all. Sex is great. But rap is very bad.

I nod my head and say, "So do I." I heard that all of America is covered in a wonderful carpet. Is it true?

Of course

So where is your farm?

Why is the carpet so fertile? too deep We cultivate on carpet.

Wow, America has come a long way in technology.

far away

You know what's under the carpet?

no We have seen the carpet since birth. Perhaps primitive America is under the carpet. But a lot has been said. Now let's practice some sex.

will be But what are the characteristics of America?

I can America means bed. You will not find such a beautifully designed and soft bed anywhere. Happy or sad you can only sink into bed. No one in the world has been able to create such a strange proportional combination of cotton, foam, rubber and feathers. Come on, lie down.

I take a step back and say, it will happen. I need to know more.

Looking at me in the eyes of wine, the girl says, the timid man of the East, why shy? Why hesitate? Look at the high skyscrapers, what do you know?


You can understand how much Americans value sex if you watch them closely. Just as the Shivalinga in your country is a symbol of creation, the American skyscraper is also a symbol. There is no place for shame in this country. Come on, come on…

Wait, I cried. I have a few things to ask.

The girl yawned, but now I need a warm bed. I'd rather go to another room.

When the girl left, I came down in the elevator. There is a nice park in front. A vagrant-looking man sits swaying on a quiet bench. The hat is lowered over the eyes.

I said in his ear, can you show me the carpet?

He didn't move at all. Just raised his right hand and said softly, five dollars.

As I handed him the five dollars, the old man took off his hat and looked at me.

He took a breath and said, Come. The carpet is the thinnest in that corner of the park.

Didn't have to work hard. Going to a certain corner of the park, the man knelt down, took out a pocket-knife, cut a part of the grass-soil, and lifted the carpet, saying, Go.

Below is a sanctum. There is nothing to fear. There are also stairs to go down. I went down. I have never seen such a big sanctum in my life. A-Muro O-Muro is not seen. A little bit dark. table page One by one, one person is sitting awkwardly. speechless Only a muffled 'Hai Hai' sound could be heard in the closed air. Many sighs seemed to be saying at once, alone, big alone.

Didn't have to look too hard. Sonny Liston was sitting at a table. A pale face. Eyesight is dull. That huge body somehow managed to hold itself on the table.

Mr. Liston, say something.

what to say Alone, very alone.

How did you feel at the time of death?

Oh, don't speak. No one was at home. alone big alone


all alone


I don't know that. Where did the wife go out for a few days? The boys were not around. i was And the house was coming to swallow me. Severe chest pain. How many times have I called, shouted. No one could hear.


I fell down. on the floor I was gasping for breath and wanted to see people's faces.

You were a very good boxer. world champion How much money did you have? How wonderful Still alone?

Still alone, O: do not speak.

What happened then?

A ghost suddenly picked up America's famous carpet and said to me, come in, come in. I entered. here

I got up and slowly found William Holden. This is the sensational film actor. don't believe

The bones are out. Both the chins of the mouth are high.

Mr. Holden?

yes yes

I just want to know, why were you alone at the time of death?

I also want to ask the question, why are most Americans alone at the time of death?

Seeing me looking at him like a fool, he smiled softly and said, Every American is alone. Without partner or relative. Tell me why there are no Americans?

Have you had any? So much money! So famous! So girly!

Holden sighed. He said, why does William Holden die alone?

Why five days after his death, the police took his body out of the house?

That is my question.

I have a question too. Go now, don't bother.

I came back upstairs.

I got the President of America on the phone again.

Honorable President

Say Indian tourists.

I lifted the carpet in one place and entered America.

Congratulations Indian tourists. What do you see?

many things I want to know, Mr. President, why did Sonny Liston and William Holden die in an empty room?

Did you go?

Yes, Honorable President. Newspapers have irrefutable proof of that.

Indian tourist, I just heard that India has advanced in technology.

He can manufacture automobiles and lorries. You didn't tell me this.

But Mr. President, you see, most Americans get very lonely in old age. Their wives are absent or leave. Children are different. When it's time to die...

Indian tourist, you haven't seen Houston, climbed the Empire State Building, gambled in Las Vegas, or even kissed an American girl yet

! How about that?

But Mr. President, let me finish talking about loneliness. I entered the United States-

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We will roll the carpet again Indian tourists. Now it will be so beautiful that no one will want to see what is under it!

The 15 Best Places to Live in the US

As mentioned above, Green Bay, Wisconsin, earned top honors in the U.S. News list thanks to its big-city conveniences and small-town vibes. While we can appreciate a city with a sufficient number of old-school supper clubs, the competition was steep when we factored in design-centric amenities, so we didn’t include Green Bay in our list. However, fellow Wisconsin cities Madison and Milwaukee are in our top 15. 

  1. Boulder, Colorado
  2. Sarasota, Florida
  3. Madison, Wisconsin
  4. Boise, Idaho
  5. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  6. Asheville, North Carolina
  7. Minneapolis–St. Paul, Minnesotta
  8. Savannah, Georgia
  9. Austin, Texas
  10. San Francisco, California
  11. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  12. Charleston, South Carolina
  13. Nashville, Tennessee
  14. Atlanta, Georgia
  15. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
As part of its value assessment, U.S. News examined each city’s median annual household compared to home prices in the area. As you’ll see in our list, good design and affordable real estate aren’t mutually exclusive.

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