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Dear readers who are unable to learn English because of weak grammatical problems in English, this complete post today is only for you.

Learn English

Because in today's post we have come up with an easy way to learn English. Even in this post I have discussed in detail about 40 ways to learn English easily. Hopefully if you read our entire post carefully then you will surely become an English proficient. So read carefully these 40 ways given by us and learn English very easily.

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 Easy way to learn English

If you want to learn English, you must have a lot of interest in learning English. Because if you only read the easy ways to learn English then you may not be able to become good at English because if you don't try from inside you can't do anything. So you must develop more interest in learning English.

Even you have to make a routine that routine by which you can learn English English. And in your daily routine you should find a time to memorize this English translation in between other studies. During which you can memorize 10 to 20 words per day with translation. Even if you read in detail about the 40 ways that we have given below, you will definitely become proficient in English.

40 ways to learn English easily

English is an international language and it is very important to learn this language from almost every country teacher or student. Because you must learn this international language for studying or talking with foreign people. Because you are a student you must have mastery of English language but you are not able to learn this English properly because of grammar or tense. So today we have discussed 40 ways for you to learn English easily.

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If you follow these 40 easy ways given by us regularly, you will definitely become an English engineer or expert. Because we have tried to explain these 40 ways to you in a very simple way so that you can learn English very quickly. The main goal of writing our post is to make you weak in English. So read this post of ours with full attention and learn English easily.

1. Learning new words: Suppose, every day before leaving home, you write 10 words on a small note and take it with you. Set the goal, you will master these 10 new words. Make up sentences using the words in your mind as you go along. After a long day of class or work, review it again and see if you remember the words. You can also try to learn similar words together. For example, when comparing big or small, you may always use the words Big and Small. You can also learn words like little, tiny, mini, miniature, micro, huge, large, enormous, gigantic... This will enrich your English vocabulary.

2. Note New Vocabulary: Try to memorize a few new words every day. Atlist is a word but learn it. Of course, it is not impossible to forget those words. And so note down the new words you learn. Then you can revise it again later. Of course, you can write down one or two examples of the word while noting it. Believe me, this method is very effective. It will be a bit boring at first, but gradually keeping your notes with you will become a fun habit. Again when you have free time or are on a journey you can practice the previously learned words from the notes. By practicing this way you will learn many new words after 6 months which will make your English learning journey beautiful. All in all, this vocabulary note-taking method will save you a lot of time and help you learn new words.

3. Talk to someone directly in English: What is the importance of a language other than speaking! Although in the age of internet, social media, email, instant messaging can be used in many ways. But we do our daily work by talking directly to people. And in learning any language, you can learn more by interacting directly with someone. Your inner inertia is broken. So find a speaking partner with whom you can talk about anything. And of course share everything with him in English. Talk about new topics. Discuss the pros and cons of those topics. In the age of internet, however, you can also talk through voice calls (WhatsApp). Set a fixed time and discuss for half an hour or more at the same time every day. You will see that learning English has become much easier. 

4. Listen to English podcasts or YouTube: Every person has some favorite topics that he loves to learn about continuously. For example, traveling, technology, gardening and even cooking. Find your favorite topics and listen to podcasts regularly. And now you can learn great things through YouTube, from there you can also learn English. In that case subscribe to your favorite channel and keep watching regularly. English podcasts or YouTube videos will improve your English listening skills and help you learn new words. In this you will know how to explain a topic, sentence making and how to speak about it with someone new. 

5. Talk to yourself about your passion: You listen to podcasts about your passion every day, watch YouTube videos. Now you talk about them yourself. Create a story in your mind on how to discuss your favorite topic with others, how to describe it. Then your ability to explain yourself will increase. The inertia of your speech will be removed. Moreover, you can take out the new words that are needed while saying them. Thus, if you constantly talk to yourself, your English thinking skills will improve. Your English weakness will be reduced to a great extent. You will develop confidence to speak or explain new things. 

6. Willingness or attention to learn: From childhood we have grown up speaking or listening to our mother tongue, so even if it is not a difficult task for us to reach this home, when we want to learn other languages ​​including English, we must have a little trouble, not only trouble but also other languages ​​including English. In order to learn, the first thing you need to have is a strong desire and focus to learn. If you want to learn a subject then if you have enough desire or focus on learning it on set then surely you will learn the subject well and master it even if it is a little late. So understand that in order to learn English you first need to have the will to learn and focus, if you can focus enough on English then you can learn English easily.

7. Learning new English words: The easiest way to learn English language is to try to learn new English words because the more English words you know, the easier it becomes for you to learn English. So try to learn some new English words every day. If you yourself try to learn at least 5 or 10 new English words every day then this matter will help you a lot in learning English and you can take help from Google translator, dictionary or such sources to do this.

8. Learn Phrase: Learn Phrase, because through Phrases you can make sentences very easily and within few words, so if you know Phrase well, you can learn English easily.

9. Watching English news, movies, articles: In real life, it can be seen that the more we discuss or practice, the more we become good at it. Learning English is no exception. So you understand that to learn English, you must practice more English movies, news articles, that is, you have to watch and try to understand these things. Not only English movies or news, you can watch English cartoons for children at the initial stage to learn English, these cartoons teach English to children in very simple language and you can expect to learn English very easily if you watch these cartoons.

10. Reading English books, articles or magazines: It is not enough to read only news, articles, besides reading a lot of English only, English magazines. The more you try to read or learn about these topics, the more your knowledge will increase. So understand that in order to learn English you need to focus on English a lot and try to read, watch and understand everything related to English in front of you.

11. Listening to podcasts and English songs: If you regularly spend some time listening to English podcasts and English songs, this will also contribute a lot to your English learning. But not only listen to podcasts and songs but also try to understand them. Many of you may not understand what podcast means. Podcast is a type of audio series. When content on a topic is published in voice form, it is called a podcast. There are podcasts on various topics available online that you can download and improve your English with gold in your spare time

12. Emphasis on English Grammar: The first thing that comes to learning or knowing English language is English Grammar. If you don't have a basic knowledge of English grammar, you can never master the English language well, so to learn the English language correctly and accurately, you must first acquire more knowledge of English grammar. If you have knowledge of English grammar you can learn English very easily.

13. Emphasis on Tense: You have been informed earlier that to learn English well, you must attend to English Grammar and the most important subject in English Grammar is Tense, that is, the subject that must be mastered to learn English well is Tense. If you don't have enough knowledge about Tense then you will not be able to learn English easily and accurately, so you must know Tense if you want to learn English language. And if you can do Tense, you will be able to understand the structure of the sentence well, so you will be able to learn English accurately.

14. Read children's English story books: You can find small English story books for children in the market, if you read these story books carefully, you can learn a lot of English. The biggest advantage of reading these books for kids is that they can learn English through simple words. Apart from these story books in the market, if you search on YouTube, you will see that English short stories are made in the form of cartoons to teach children, even if you watch them carefully, you can learn English.

15. Make small sentences with simple words: When you know different types of English words and learn Tense, you will see that you will be able to easily make the structure of making sentences for speaking. At this time, you will try to make small sentences with simple words. First, if you are aware of making small words, you will see that slowly you will be able to make big sentences in English very easily and you will learn this language very easily.

16. Trying to speak English alone: ​​Since English is not our mother tongue so we don't always have conversations to save it, this language is not very comfortable for us, and we definitely need enough practice to learn or know this language easily. If you don't get a partner, you need to develop the habit of speaking with yourself, that is, practice speaking English alone to learn English. While practicing English alone, ask yourself questions and try to answer those questions by yourself or you can do this by standing in front of the mirror and answering the questions, but either way you need to practice enough and attend to the practice. .

17. Listen to your own voice recording: In the beginning you may not want to talk to others easily because you don't speak English very well or you may feel a little heaviation to talk to others and to overcome this, record your English conversations and listen to them again and make your mistakes. You can catch and correct yourself. When you first speak, you may not be able to catch your mistakes easily, but when you observe your speech well by recording your voice, you will be able to catch the mistakes easily and correct them. In this way, it is possible to learn English through the gold of one's fear and through this it will be possible to overcome inertia very easily.

18. Speaking English with others: I told you earlier that since it is not our own language, we have very little practice in it, so try to speak English with others besides speaking alone. Speaking English with family members, friends for different needs will make it easier for you to learn this subject and you will be able to speak fluently.

19. Read English books: If your vehicle is bus, rickshaw or car, then you can practice reading books regularly while sitting in traffic. Sabiha Salek, a senior lecturer at North South University's English and Modern Language Department, said, 'It is very beneficial to develop the habit of reading a book at a certain time of the day. You can always keep 2-3 small books in the bag. You will see that the annoyance of traffic will be reduced a lot.' In addition to keeping paper books with you, you can also save books in PDF format on your mobile phone. Apart from this, reading English newspaper also increases the skill.

20. Think in English: Many times we think about heaven and earth in leisure. But you can do the thinking part in English. In most cases, while speaking or writing English, we arrange the sentence in our mind in Bengali, then write or speak in English. If you practice thinking in English, the task becomes much easier.

21. Taking Spoken English Courses: Another easy way to learn English is to take classes or courses in spoken English. Spoken English courses will help you a lot in learning English quickly. You can do these courses either online or offline. Also, many times free spoken English classes are conducted online and you can easily learn English by taking spoken English courses by joining them.

22. Do more English writing: If you want to learn English easily, definitely attend more on English writing because if you write more of the thing you are learning, it will stay longer in your memory and you won't forget it easily. So always try to write the things you are learning in the form of a diary.

23. Chat with friends online in English: Nowadays, online is a very popular means of communicating with friends. If you try to chat with friends online in English instead of in your own language, you will find that your inertia will break and learning this language will become easier for you. Also online you can easily learn this topic through group chat in English with friends.

24. Utilize Social Media: Nowadays most of us spend most of our time browsing social media and doing various things. And learning different things through today's social media has become very easy because if you get a little time even during the busy day, you can learn English very easily by searching on google, youtube with the help of your smartphone. You can even download the dictionary app on your smartphone without carrying the dictionary everywhere to learn English word meaning. Also, since social media is very easy to communicate with people from other countries, you can add some friends from outside the country to your social media and speak English with them. You can start chatting. Moreover, by using social media, you can easily learn English by watching and reading spoken English courses, English learning classes, English movies, news, articles at your convenience. This is how you can use social media to learn English.

25. Think in English: Try to think about everything in English for easy learning. For example, before you do any work, try to figure out by yourself what it would look like if you translated it into English. When you try to English everything like this, it will become easy for you.

26. Audio Books: Khaled Mahmud, Fulbright Business Fellow at Bentley University in the United States and Associate Professor at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) at Dhaka University, feels that audio books are very useful for learning English these days. He said, 'There are various international books related to business. Inspirational events, biographies of featured people are also available in audio book form. There are several channels of audio books on YouTube. Apart from this, audio books can also be listened to from apps like Audible. Stories, novels, non-fiction—you'll find it all. Tashfikal Sami, an English instructor at online learning platform Sikh and a graduate of IBA from Dhaka University, said, 'The biggest advantage of audio books is that you can listen while doing other work. It saves time and also gains skills.'

27. Learn to ask and answer questions in English: Asking and answering questions is the most important thing in any new environment. If you can't ask the right questions, it will be difficult to get much done in your new environment. So create questions from the daily happenings around you and answer them yourself. This will improve your basic questioning and answering skills. This skill will help you in any conversation. 

28. Pay attention to sentence structure: Sentence structure is very important to be proficient in any language. If your sentence structure is correct then your ability to express will also increase. Correct sentence structure is very important especially when you write in that language. Then the beauty of writing will increase. Your speaking will also be beautiful.  

29. Don't listen to people: If you suddenly start trying to learn English or want to learn it, then you must become a laughing stock to others because our society is such that we cannot accept change easily. So to learn English you have to put in your efforts instead of listening to what people say. Yes, maybe when you try to speak English at home or with your friends, cousins ​​to practice English, they will make fun of you and make fun of you, but if you listen to them and stop your efforts, English will never be for you. Learning is not possible.

30. Keep trying to learn: To learn English language you must keep trying with patience because it is very necessary to know this language and it is known to all of us as an international language but still when we take different steps to learn this language people discourage us instead of encouraging us. Laughter will start and these things should not be taken into account and should be tried with patience. If you keep trying to learn then why only English will be successful in mastering anything so definitely don't stop trying to learn this language ignore what others say and keep trying and someday when you learn the language well people will laugh at you. Those who joked will praise you.

31. Listen to Podcasts: Podcasts are a type of audio program. From entertaining events to motivational speeches, political discussions or skill development topics—podcasts have it all. Many young people listen to podcasts to learn English. You can spend your daily free time listening to podcasts. British Council, BBC podcasts to learn about the various techniques of learning and understanding English. British Council podcast link available here.

32. There are TED Talks: The platform for TED Talks. Speakers get an opportunity to present their ideas on this stage. On the TED Talk website you will find everything from music, dance, animation to climate change talks. American writer and psychologist, former Harvard University teacher Amy Cady, professional analyst Simon Sinek, American writer and professor Brene Brown, SpaceX founder Elon Musk's speech will be very useful. Listening to these statements not only improves English listening skills, but also how to present one's ideas about various topics. You can find the videos on the Ted Talk website (www.ted.com/talks) or YouTube.

33. Find a partner: Find a partner who is as interested in learning English as you. Talk to each other in English. It will reduce the inertia a lot. Tashfiqal Sami used to say, 'There is no substitute for practice to become proficient in any language. Many of us fear that maybe my vocabulary is not very rich. But to be honest, it is possible to speak only with the amount of English words you know. The problem is not vocabulary, the main problem is lack of practice.' If you don't get a chance to talk to someone face to face, you can exchange messages (chatting) in English if necessary. Even if you practice this for a certain time every day, you will get benefits.

34. Read whatever you find in English: Read whatever you find in English, be it literature, newspapers, blogs or social media articles. Here you will find some new vocabulary that will help you later. Also, you will practice a lot of previously known vocabulary. You will learn word usage and at the same time you will remember the context of those words. The more you read, the better your reading skills; You will lose your inertia while speaking. You will also get used to hearing the words read. So keep reading the writing that comes in front of you in every work of the day. You will see that your English fear will gradually disappear. 

35. Revise Grammar: Keep repeating the previous points. Try this for 2-3 months. Now also you have to pay attention to grammar. Especially learn Tense and learn grammar related to Tense like Verb, Person etc. That's why you'll find good grammar books, rich online courses like Kite Learning's grammar course. Grammar will help you in sentence making. So it will help you in sending professional emails, business deals etc. Moreover, if you want to go to a good country for higher education, knowing grammar will help you in making a topical presentation, thesis paper or communication or job. 

36. Forget what people say: When you first start learning English, you will make a lot of mistakes. But it is temporary. Gradually you will continue to do well. So stay positive and stay motivated. Especially if you practice according to the above rules, you can reach a good level in 5-6 months. At times it may seem like a slow process but if you practice regularly you will surely progress. So don't worry about what others think or say. And only then you can move forward quickly. Remember, if you think about what others think, you will fall behind. And your English communication will improve if you keep moving forward no matter what is wrong. 

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37. Join various Facebook groups: There are thousands of groups on Facebook where daily tips for learning English, easy ways to learn English are discussed. You join those groups on Facebook and follow the groups a little without wasting time. There are many notes tricks shared. I am mentioning below some group names for learning English in Bengali you can follow them.

  • Simple strategy to win Spoken English
  • Spoken English at home
  • Spoken English – Oral English
  • Everyday English to Bangla
  • Bangla to English 

38. Take free classes on YouTube:  Easy way to learn English on YouTube. You will find many free English learning classes on YouTube where you can learn English by watching videos. There are many YouTube channels uploading videos like 30 Day Spoken English Challenge or 60 Day Spoken English Challenge. You too can take the challenge and practice English daily. In this way you can learn English at home. I am mentioning the names of some YouTube channels below that will help you learn English at home for free.

English Channel Name: 

  • learn english with let's talk – free english lessons
  • learn english lab
  • Easy English
  • BBC Learning English
  • learn english with tv series

Hindi Channel Name : 

  • spoken english guru
  • learnex-english lessons through hindi
  • TSmadaan
  • DSL english
  • english connection

Bangla Channel Name: 

  • dadar i school
  • adis teaching learn – english through bengali
  • Munzereen Shahid
  • Shafins
  • Bangla to English Speaking Course

39. Try to increase writing skill: If you always try to note down what you are reading in English, then you will be able to improve your writing skill. For this, you should try to chat more and more with people from different countries on Facebook or any other medium, you will see that your writing skill will increase. The better your writing skills, the better you can speak English.

40. Find a partner to talk to in English: You are learning English everyday but not speaking. Maybe you can chat in English but can't speak. You need to talk in English everyday. The question is who will you talk to. If you speak English, you will be stuck. It is also a shame. It seems that you have a great way to share it with you. There are many apps that you can download from the Play Store and speak English with people from different countries. People who are basically learning to speak new English download those apps. You might be thinking that the person I am talking to knows a lot of English but that doesn't matter but he can't speak English that way so I downloaded that app so there is no shame here you are learning and the person you are talking to is also learning. Below are the names of some of the best English learning apps for speaking in English. If you want, you can download them and practice speaking in English.

Last word - Easy way to learn English

I hope you got the details of what the post you were reading carefully so far was about. By reading our post completely you have come to know what our post is about but once again this post was about the easy ways to learn English for those who are weak in English and how to learn English easily. Hope your interest in learning English has increased manifold by reading the entire post carefully. Because in this post we have discussed about 40 easy ways to learn English.

Now if you feel that we have been able to present all the information you need in this post, then definitely leave us a comment below this post because your comment increases our interest in writing the post several times. Also if you want you can share our post on your facebook id or all social media accounts and with your messenger and whatsapp friends. Because they will also know the easy ways to learn English by reading this post completely. Even if you want more posts related to this education, please visit our website regularly. thank you

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